Mother !!

Just because she has the purest of heart,
Everyone’s life gets the best start.
Full of kindness, love, fun, happy, and calm,
Intelligent, thoughtful, organized are the words that describe a MOM
People come and go into your life to make things shine,
But she is one of those rare and splendid jewels that make your whole world Bright
She is the one who will be there for you forever and a day,
She will hold your hand and lift you up at every step on your way
Sometimes soft and gentle, sometimes rude and strong,
She is the one who will lead you to sunshine when it’s dark and dawn
When the difficult time comes she will protect you enough,
But never too much as she knows you need to stand up strong and tough
She is the one who will teach you right from wrong,
Learnings from her will last your life time long
She is the one filled with wisdom warmth and love
She is every child’s Sunshine, A Blessing from above

I have this special person in my life and I love her more than any other,
She is my favorite person she is my Mother

Yaana Arora



Togetherness… Not me n He
Not u n me
It’s not about we…
Today its happy n sad me!!!

I am happy I am me
But also a little sad why me!!!

He showered all his blessing on me
But then why that sorrow always has to be!!!

On minute I am in cloud nine.
Cheers to life with that glass on wine.
N the next moment I just back roll
Feels like life has no goal..

I want to live a lively life
Die as a loving wife..
A responsible daughter
A caring mom
Best friend
Good buddy
Helping sister too.. But life’s made me so busy that I couldn’t handle these relations a few..

If one is happy but other is sad
All is my family, I feel hurt I feel bad..

Life should be smooth it should b all time fun with no mess
But then we’ll not realise all His bless

So happy n sad together go life long
Sometimes right sometimes wrong..
Things happen and leave that Mark
It’s just how I make it light or dark..

Time will fly giving memories both good n bad..
forever together me happy n me sad!!!

Shower on me happiness so much more
That sadness has no place to grow..

But I know for sure..
This togetherness will have no cure

Good or bad
happy or sad

What ever life brings
Whatever anyone thinks…

Hoping happy me makes u happy
N sad me also makes u happy..
As for most important is happy u so automatically happy me..

Love u friends who make me happy !!!
N sad too as that makes u happy too !!!

Down the memory lane

Down the memory lane with my lane with my special kid


Domino’s pizza party accompanying divine Oreo shakes,
The hell lot of sweets besides loaded birthday cakes.
Ahhh!! Utter Bliss for all kids.
But my son, he can’t even tap that single piece.
And that’s our life greatest tease…
Our whole world turned upside down by this news
When Dev was diagnosed with celiac blues.
R.S.V.P. to all the party food,
No wheat, no gluten to include.
It was hard, very hard to accept this fact, and as a mom it just broke my heart !!!
An autoimmune disease with no significant treatment
For him it’s a whole life agreement
All the junkies will be gone from his plate
No food sharing with any of his mates
Our universe shook hearing about this disease
On that instance my life just ceased
But looking into the eyes of my 3 years old child gave me the strength.
Leaving the roller coaster of emotions behind,
We all started to set our minds
Plastering our faces with a smile,
We took a positive spin on gluten free,
Now the battle with allergens began
Thereof every bit entered my kitchen with a scan.
We decided that his special diet will never roadblock anything he wants to do,
I made all possible eatable that I could do.
Everything is homemade, from pizzas to cakes to breads to cookies
So that he enjoys the parties with all the goodies.
Our holidays are dictated by his GF food but we still enjoy
We cruise away the outside delicacies and make family time more fun.
His school authorities are well informed and friends too
Everyone takes care of him, enjoying times without exchange of food.
Merry times are not only to eat, it’s much more than that,
We make this understand to him, so that he enjoy his life’s match.
As a parent we need to nurture not only his heart and soul but his body too
Challenge is to make him alive just like me and you
That constant looming fear has started blowing away
As he is getting better day by day.
Sometimes there is sadness, frustration and little anxiety every day or two,
But his own willpower and dedication makes us stronger too.
Now after 3years of extreme vigilance and a handful of reactions left,
I am habituated with it,
It’s hard swallowing all the emotions but I promise to deliver my very best
After all he’s our son, our only invest.